What We Do

Intent Financials

Intent Financials
Profit Engineering & Business Advisory


  • žMore profit from your business?
  • žžTurn around a poorly performing business?
  • žProvide management with better reporting?
  • žHave more cash?

FINANCIAL: what we do

Find money for your expansion or acquisition.

Focus on cash  controls, on managing receivables and payables and on growing wealth.
Examine your cash needs and arrange financing to help you grow.
Improve the value of your business.

TURNAROUND: what we do

  • žCreate the time and space to enact a plan to rebuild a company, save assets.
  • žWe use the law and negotiating tactics to deal with creditors.
  • žBuild a credible plan to rebuild sales and profits


How to double profit$ starting tomorrow.

Techniques used by giants of industry can be yours.

A serious application of marketing techniques, sales training and in particular a dispassionate review of prices and your customers.

OPERATIONS: what we do

žIs administration strangling your business?

žStreamline the paper processes that should be helping you to make money.

žReduce the torrent of information that hits your desk

žSuccess =  it takes 15 minutes of your day to learn where to focus your attention.

Intent Financials

Intent Financials

Profit Engineering, Finance & Business Advisory

intent-financial Andrew Gregson

Andrew D. Gregson, BA, MA, M.Sc. (Econ), holds Master’s Degrees  from the London School of Economics and The University of Western Ontario.
Andrew’s experience working with an international business consultancy and being a business owner for 15 years was the impetus for his book “Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses”. He brings his expertise in finance, operations, pricing and debt restructuring to the table.
Andrew has contributed to trade journals, “Spark” on CBC National Radio and has been a guest speaker at business networking groups, colleges, universities on his topics of expertise – pricing, exit plans and debt. He has also been a columnist for 2 years and a licensed financial broker for 10 years.

Andrew has experience in operating manufacturing companies spanning 40 years in Canada and the UK.

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Andrew Gregson

Andrew Gregson

Senior Partner at Intent Financials Inc.
Andrew D. Gregson is a licensed financial professional who holds 2 Masters degrees. Mr. Gregson is a former owner of multiple businesses, writer on business matters, published author “Pricing Strategies for Small Business”, former owner of 2 franchises and 5 start-ups and has worked as a Chicago based business consultant.
Andrew Gregson
Andrew Gregson