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With few exceptions, most businesses use an outdated approach to pricing their goods and services. Whether they sell manufactured items, wholesale or retail or even provide financing, the conventional wisdom surrounding pricing was created in the late sixties and early seventies – a time when profit was evil. The conventional wisdom is built upon following […]

Estimating. Do you WAG, SWAG or use a Stick?

Originally published in Cast Polymer Connection, Fall 2017. In so many small businesses goods and services are priced based on guesswork – WAG method (the Wild Ass Guess) or add just a few numbers for SWAG (a Scientific Wild Ass Guess). Perhaps you use the STICK method where every stick and nail is costed out? […]

What is profit engineering? How to create pre-determined profits.

We believe that profit engineering is designing your company to produce a predictable, pre-determined profit. I owned a service company in Vancouver Canada that produced a 45% gross margin every month, steadily, for 13 years. So it can be done. And if you have predictable margins you stand a better chance of making a profit. […]

Busy But Not Winning

I have several clients and a number of friends and colleagues who equate busy time with productivity. But, being “busy” does not always equate to being effective. Ineffective people abound. From outside they are hard at work with paper, phone calls, emails, meetings and more meetings. Their desks are piled high. They look frazzled. They […]