I have done a lot of turnarounds. It is always a shame that companies don’t seek professional expertise until the bailiff is at the door or when it becomes truly costly to get back to profitability. After a while I understood that business owners have a lot of pride and are loathe to admit that they are underwater and struggling. Even with the utmost discretion promised it is difficult on a personal level to pick up that phone.

So I am launching a new approach that pays attention to the realities. I am offering an Anonymous Turnaround Service. I will never know the name of the company or its location until you are ready to tell me. The point of this type of approach is to get to level 1 and establish whether the business CAN be helped at all by providing some basic information typed onto a questionnaire.

IF No, many thanks and I wish you luck. If YES, we proceed to the next step of breaking down the problems into financial, marketing/sales, operations. This is done via an emailed anonymous and detailed questionnaire.

Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, I proceed to a document outlining what can be done, the benefits of doing so and a cost estimate.

If no, we part ways. If Yes, then we get to work. So start today by creating a fake gmail address and emailing me at Andrew.intentfinancial@gmail.com. Ask for Step 1.

Andrew Gregson

Andrew Gregson

Senior Partner at Intent Financials Inc.
Andrew D. Gregson is a licensed financial professional who holds 2 Masters degrees. Mr. Gregson is a former owner of multiple businesses, writer on business matters, published author “Pricing Strategies for Small Business”, former owner of 2 franchises and 5 start-ups and has worked as a Chicago based business consultant.
Andrew Gregson

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